When I would visit my Grandma I would see her insulin in the fridge and next to it there was always a mars bar. Something to do with sugar right? Even though she had Type 1 I never understood the condition and for sure never got why a mars bar could save your life.

The Hypo

The first thing I learnt was what a hypo was. I was hot, dizzy and I was unable to think. My glucose level had dropped under 4. If it continues to go down and could end up in a coma. I would have 3-4 belly babies to lift it back up. I would feel better almost immediately as the glucose went straight into my blood stream.

Hypos are scary, especially when no one understands what it feels like. It's like someone has turn your brain off, you struggle to talk, your eyes start to go blurry and your hands start to shake. It's not pleasant to say the least. The remedy is quick, within 15 minutes you can be out of it. But you have to make sure you have something sweet with you at all times.

The blood tests

So the magic numbers are 4-7. As long as the test comes back between these numbers then I'm alright. I'll prick my finger draw the blood and test when I'm feeling low to see if I'm hypoing . Or I I'll test to check that I've not gone too high. If I'm high it means I have not taken enough insulin. This can lead to poisoning of the blood which can damage vital organs, cause blindnes or ketonasytosis which you can die from. Garrr Ive just re read the last bit and it sounds proper doom and gloom sorry guys. I don't like talking about my diabetes, so maybe writing it all down will give my closure and acceptance. Or it might just help another diabetic know they are not the only one. I'll be talking about how I manage what I eat next time. how i take the right insulin for what i eat and what the hell I do when I'm out for dinner or on holiday. Till next time xxx